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About Heavenly Candy:

Our infusions are always 100% THC free and contain 104.21% CBD. We partnered with Agricore Laboratories for our certifications and purity analysis. How can we have over 100% CBD? In short, the answer is the scientific accumulation of uncertainty when you combine chemical standards, laboratory processes, laboratory equipment, and laboratory personnel, the additive effects of uncertainty translate into the final Assay value which can derive values in excess of 100% for ultra-pure compounds. Essentially, the purity of our CBD was measured as higher than the standard for CBD compounds.

Heavenly Candy Products Include:

Honey Sticks

HC Honey Sticks are formulated with exclusive Colorado honey, that is gluten-free, organic and unfiltered. Our honey was selected specially to mix perfectly with our CBD tincture without bitterness. Our Honey Sticks now come in 9 flavors: Original, Ginger, Cinnamon, Mandarin, Citrus, Rum, Maple, Coconut and Mint. Each flavor comes in 2 strengths of CBD 10 mg and 25 mg, the latter being made to order.


HC Gummy Bears took over 2 months to formulate and are extremely different from any other gummy on the market. Our gummies are manufactured with CBD infused into the mix and coated with CBD as well. We make our gummies in opaque or translucent. Each gummy contains approximately 25 mg of CBD. We have a constantly growing selection of CBD gummy candies available


Heavenly Candy is now manufacturing cosmetic products for daily beautifying and therapeutic skin care. We plan to expand our line into face masks, eye masks, mud masks, gel masks, hair and scalp oils, and many more. These products are also available to white label.

Pet Stix

Heavenly Candy uses a specially formulated, raw, unfiltered, and organic honey which is easy for pets to ingest and digest. Raw honey has many health benefits for pets and so do our flavors. Ginger aids with digestion, nausea, and bloat. Lemon can act as a flea repellent and breath freshener. Cinnamon enhances brain function, wards off diabetes, starve yeast infections and reduces arthritis. Mandarin can enhance immunity and can help if they’ve ingested something toxic.


We devised a dissolvable tablet placed inside a Heavenly Candy Showerhead to relieve parasite bites, clean, eliminate odors, and calm your animals. The HC Showerhead uses beads to soften and filter the water giving your pet the best possible washing experience. Pet-Tabs each contain 10 mg CBD and come in three scents: Aloe, Oatmeal, and Lavender.

Plus: Chocolates; Tinctures; Vapes and Cartridges